GoGoStop - Scheduled Tasks Manager

GoGoStop - Scheduled Tasks Manager 1.3

Gogostop is a scheduler application to execute programs automatically
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Gogostop – Scheduled Task Manager is a scheduler application to execute programs automatically. The programs that can be executed include windows shutdown, logoff and restarting windows. GoGostop can have many programs to be listed for execution at the same time. GoGostop has been developed as multitasking software capable of multiple threading the application for faster execution. Gogostop can be set to lock the workstation at particular time. Batch files, executables and MS-DOS executables can be scheduled to execute a particular time. There is also a provision to include a stop time for tasks that take longer to execute to prevent it from interfering with other operations. Scheduling activity can be done in terms of any day or specific time period like week or month.

File size is small and helps in relieving the user from tracking important tasks like backups, uploads, disk cleanups etc essential for any office pc for regular maintenance. GOGoStop interface provides a similar windows program look and feel depending on windows functionality for its execution. Forum help is available for any issues encountered during installation.

Manoj Goel
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  • Capability to execute multi tasks simultaneously
  • Start time and Stop Time can be specified
  • Flexible frequency of execution
  • Automated Repetitive execution through settings
  • Support for .bat, .exe and .com files


  • Application with parameters cannot be executed
  • Not a freeware
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